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  Consultant Name Diane Sandy
  Company Name TMG
  Phone Number 844-864-8987
  E-Mail IRISinfo@tmgwisconsin.com

Work History (starting with most recent)

Name of Agency Date of Employment Job Title
TMG 8-20-18 IRIS Consultant

Care Responsibilities

Your TMG IRIS consultant is your partner as you create a plan that meets your needs and stays within your IRIS budget. Your TMG IRIS consultant can connect you to resources in your area, and will be a great source of information for any questions you have about the IRIS program. In a self-directed program like IRIS, you decide who provides your support and services and when they happen. You may have natural support from people in your life, or you may choose to purchase the support you need from an agency or someone that you hire directly. Your TMG IRIS consultant will be there to talk through these decisions with you, and will help you put a plan in place that reflects your choices.

Educational Background

Name of Institution Major/Degree Degree Obtained Date Obtained
University of Wisconsin–La Crosse Psychology – Bachelor's Degree Yes 12/1997
Winona State University Social Work Certification Courses and Community Counseling No


Name of Certification / Accreditation Certifying Agency Date Certification was Obtained
Certified Social Worker State of Wisconsin Dept of Regulations and Licensing 7/2001

Specialties (e.g., working with autism, the elderly, employment for people with disabilities or youth in transition, mental health, experience with assisted technology)

Prior to joining TMG, I spent over ten years working at a two different Managed Care Organizations (MCO) in La Crosse. There I provided case management for adults with physical and/or developmental disabilities and aging adults. I have a strong knowledge of the supports that the people I partner with need, as well as know what resources are offered in the La Crosse area for individuals with disabilities. All of this experience will help me in providing quality service to you as your TMG IRIS Consultant.

County/Region I'm familiar with

La Crosse, Monroe, Trempealeau

Languages or Communication Skills


I'm comfortable with pets in the home


More about me

How do you Partner with people to 'clear the path ahead'?
In my years as a social worker, I have seen many barriers that have created obstacles in the paths of individuals seeking services and supports. I often fall back on the saying “Never say never” because I firmly believe that there is almost always some way to clear the path ahead. When a path is not first obvious, that is the time for the two of us to work harder and smarter and find a way to go under, over or around whatever obstacle might be blocking the path to you reaching your goals.

What's your favorite thing about being an IRIS consultant?
I remember when self-directed supports first took root in Wisconsin, and specifically with local service providers in the La Crosse area. It was a new concept that I loved, because it allowed for individuals to have increased control, more flexibility and greater creativity in their services and in their lives. The IRIS program has expanded that concept to encompass an individual's complete service system, which is a wonderful choice that wasn't always available. I’m proud to be a part of that and to able to help people live the lives they chose.

What past experience prepared you to become an IRIS Consultant?
Several years ago, I provided case management to a woman with Cerebral Palsy, and the insight I obtained and awareness I learned because of her was incomparable. When others looked at this wonderful woman, they only saw the disability and not the amazing, intelligent person that she is. She taught me so much about self-determination, about how to be empathetic in an empowering way, and about the strength and determination of one woman. I also was shown the limitations of past services and I want to work to continue to broaden creative options for the people I partner with.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
When I’m not working, I greatly enjoy spending time at home with my family. I am a bit of a homebody and enjoy relaxing and having low-key time. When I do venture out, I love going to movies and dining out. Also, on occasional weekends, I try to visit my adult daughters in Duluth, MN, which allows me to have a bit of a break from the usual routine

WI DHS/DLTC/F-01486 (04/2015)