Connecting with Legislators around Employment

By: Philip Temme, Clerical Assistant

On August 27th, Clerical Assistants Mick Witt and Philip Temme gave a tour of TMG’s central office to legislators and legislative staff from different areas of the state. The tour gave the legislators insight into what it’s like for individuals with disabilities to work. There is currently a lot of political interest about this. This interest is stimulated by a variety of factors including, Governor Walker’s Better Bottom Line, and the Board of People with Developmental Disabilities’ (BPDD) Employment First initiative in Wisconsin. The Employment First initiative is part of a larger national movement with over thirty-five states campaigning for integrated employment to be the first option for employees with disabilities, and with hopes to double the number of people with disabilities in integrated employment by the year 2016. Another legislative visit was held September 10th at TMG’s central office.

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