IRIS Consultant Listing

Our goal is to always try our best to match you with the consultant of your choice. Please know, however, that some of our TMG Consultants may not be available because they are already matched with other people. The TMG IRIS Consultant Agency staff will be happy to talk about which consultants are available during your welcome call or whenever you would like.

Please call 1 (844) 864-8987 to begin the matching process.

If you would like to search by TMG IRIS Consultant name, please press the Ctrl (Control) and F keys on your keyboard at the same time. This will take you to your web browser’s “Find” option. When the “Find” box appears, type in the Consultant’s name and your match will appear.

You can also search for Consultants by County. Just click the button on the Filter by County box below and choose the county you live in to find out which Consultants serve your area. ­

Filter by County

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