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    Planning for life after high school can seem overwhelming. The TMG IRIS Consultant Agency (ICA) partners with young adults to make the transition from school to working and living in the community a clear one.

As Wisconsin’s first certified IRIS Consultant Agency, TMG partners with
thousands of adults with disabilities and older adults statewide,
empowering them to enjoy meaningful lives in their communities.

Since 2008, TMG has built a network of over 500 experts in 65 Wisconsin counties. Each of them, in turn, has built a vast network of community resources to call upon for the benefit of people in IRIS. We work with these resources to develop and implement customized plans that help to achieve individual goals related to employment, housing, health, safety, community, transportation and long-term relationships. Together, we make roadblocks and obstacles start to disappear, clearing the path ahead between people and their goals.

IRIS participants and their families self-direct the plan components that work best for them, and TMG is available to partner with people for as long as they’re in the program, ensuring that each part of the person’s plan is performing as needed. Through frequent communication, research, in-home visits, goal assessments and plan modifications, TMG’s knowledgeable, compassionate consultants become key allies in achieving long term care goals.

To learn more about the program, qualification and enrollment, click Enrolling in IRIS. Then, browse around for more information about TMG’s other important work, including home- and community-based waiver services; consulting and training programs.



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