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  Consultant Name Byron Goltz
  Company Name TMG
  Phone Number 844-864-8987
  E-Mail IRISinfo@tmgwisconsin.com

Work History (starting with most recent)

Name of Agency Date of Employment Job Title
TMG 4/13/2011 IRIS Consultant

Care Responsibilities

Your TMG IRIS consultant is your partner as you create a plan that meets your needs and stays within your IRIS budget. Your TMG IRIS consultant can connect you to resources in your area, and will be a great source of information for any questions you have

Educational Background

Name of Institution Major/Degree Degree Obtained Date Obtained
University of Wisconsin - Madison Bachelor of Science - Social Studies Education Yes 12/1/1977
University of Wisconsin Law School Doctor of Law Yes 6/1/1982
Waukesha County Technical College Emergency Medical Technician Certificate Yes 6/1/1994


Name of Certification / Accreditation Certifying Agency Date Certification was Obtained

Specialties (e.g., working with autism, the elderly, employment for people with disabilities or youth in transition, mental health, experience with assisted technology)

For over 25 years, I served the Milwaukee County Circuit Court as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL). I represented the best interests of minors in custody, paternity and divorce proceedings. I also served as GAL in guardianship proceedings, representing the best interests of individuals who were unable to make their own legal or business decisions. As a GAL I met with these individuals, conducted investigations and drafted proposed Court Orders for judges and court commissioners. Over 95% of my proposed orders were adopted as Orders of the Court. I served a broad spectrum of age, racial and ethnic groups.

County/Region I'm familiar with


Languages or Communication Skills


I'm comfortable with pets in the home


More about me

How do you Partner with people to 'clear the path ahead'?
Partnering means learning about the individual and his or her goals, then working with him or her to create an action plan to achieve those goals. First, I help identify strengths and abilities along with the supports and services currently available. This helps to increase the individual's purchasing power with the IRIS budget and keep the resources needed to get the care and support necessary to achieve goals.

What's your favorite thing about being an IRIS consultant?
I enjoy seeing the progress the people I partner with make towards living as independently as possible, while getting the help they need to do so. I find it satisfying to watch the confidence levels people grow as they combine their best efforts with the support they need from others. Helping people get the most out of life is rewarding and fulfilling. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than seeing people I partner with achieve something they have worked toward for a long time.

What past experience prepared you to become an IRIS Consultant?
My education in psychology, sociology and emergency medicine has given me a great foundation. More important, however, has been my experience as a Guardian ad Litem, as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician, and, for over 4 1/2 years, as an IRIS Consultant. This experience has given me the skills to ask questions and to be actively listen as people answer those questions. Experience has also enabled me to quickly establish the kind of relationships with others that allow them to be comfortable enough to trust me to partner with them on their needs and their concerns.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I find that spending time with my wife, my children and grandchildren to be more rewarding than anything else. I also enjoy road trips, the great outdoors, fishing, and collecting antiques and Native American jewelry. To relax before bedtime, you will find me reading books about history and Native American culture while nibbling on European chocolates.

WI DHS/DLTC/F-01486 (04/2015)