TMG’s Citizen Advisory Councils

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Do you want to be a voice for others and help the TMG IRIS Consultant Agency (ICA) be the best it can be?

TMG believes:

• You know self-direction best.
• Your experience has tremendous value.
• Your guidance will help us get better.

That’s why we will be starting two Citizen Advisory Councils in 2019 — one in Northeast Wisconsin (meeting in Appleton) and one in Southeast Wisconsin (meeting in Milwaukee). Council members will advise TMG on the best ways to support people in self-direction. We are looking for people using the TMG ICA, or their guardians, who live in these areas to join our Councils for a two or three-year term. Please click here to visit the Citizen Advisory Councils’ Questions and Answers page.

We’re excited to partner with the Council members so that we can make self-directing with the TMG ICA an even better experience!

Click Here                                                                                                                  TMG’s Citizen Advisory Councils’ Questions and Answers Page