TMG Health & Wellness Library

Looking for information about health issues or details about the medicines you use? Then check out Healthwise — the new health and wellness library that you can access through the TMG website.

Here you will find facts to help you make better health decisions. You can also learn about the side effects and risks of your medicines, and generic options.

Healthwise offers interactive tools, too. Use these tools to see if your symptoms require a doctor’s visit, compare your treatment options, and more. Remember, Healthwise is just a tool, and you should always consult your doctor for more information.

Visit the links below to start exploring!

Topics A-Z

Check out Heathwise for informative articles on a wide variety of health topics. From allergies to zinc, find information about health issues and medications that matter to you.

Health topics

Interactive tools

These interactive tools make it easier stay healthy. Take a test or put in data to find out things like what your target heart rate is, or to figure out the right health screenings for you. It only takes a minute to make good health choices, so start now!

Interactive tools