Your TMG-ICA IRIS Road Map


  • You started by visiting with your county‚Äôs Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC).
  • There is an ADRC contact for each Wisconsin county.
  • The ADRC helped you learn about the long-term care options available to you.


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  • You chose the self-directed IRIS program as your long-term care option and selected TMG as the IRIS Consultant Agency (ICA) in your area.
  • TMG operates as an ICA in all Wisconsin counties.
  • The TMG IRIS Consultant (IC) you chose partners with you to help identify supports that meet your goals.


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  • An FEA is a Fiscal Employer Agent.
  • The FEA helps you pay your employees and providers.
  • It is an agency separate from the ADRC and TMG.
  • Much of the paperwork you do while enrolled in IRIS will go to the FEA for processing.


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  • While you are enrolled in IRIS, you choose and direct your supports and services.
  • As your goals and needs change, your supports can also change.
  • Your TMG IRIS Consultant meets with you regularly to discuss resources and ideas to help build your supports.