TMG has conducted county and multi-county human services systems reviews and strategic options planning efforts to help position counties in a changing environment.


  • North Central Health Care Systems Study – As part of a 13-month comprehensive study of the North Central Health Care (NCHC) Systems serving Marathon, Lincoln and Langlade counties, TMG evaluated NCHC’s mental health/substance abuse system for the three counties, including an analysis of service utilization, cost, and system performance data, as well as extensive input from system stakeholders. Implementation of the study recommendations resulted in significant operational efficiencies, cost savings and improved organizational effectiveness.


  • Oneida County Study of the Human Service Center – As part of a 6-month study for Oneida County, one of the three counties in the multi-county 51 system served by the Human Service Center (HSC), TMG evaluated the effectiveness and efficiency of the public MH/SA and DD system. TMG also developed strategic options for Oneida County to consider if it decides to remain part of the current tri-county system, withdraw from the current system and create a county human services department, or join a larger, regional MH/SA service delivery system. All of these options were developed in the context of statewide expansion of Family Care and the implications and impact on the County’s human services infrastructure and remaining programs.


  • Sauk County Human Services Department Organizational Study – TMG conducted a study of the Human Service Department’s expenditure and revenue trends; organizational structure; relationship with the County’s other health and human services functions; and billing and collections process, including opportunities for revenue maximization. The study provided a decision-making framework for considering recommendations and options that fully reflect the implications of current trends and expected future developments in human services delivery and financing. The study provided policymakers with a strategic blueprint to guide the County as it strives to deliver quality programs in a cost-effective manner to its residents.