Our Mission

Empowering people to create meaningful lives in their communities.

To fulfill our mission, we:
INFORM… TMG provides information that instructs older adults and individuals with disabilities about the services, resources and opportunities available to them for living their best lives.
INSPIRE… TMG provides timely, competent support that encourages and energizes people to take positive steps and responsibility in their lives.
INNOVATE… TMG and their partners are continuously learning and finding ways to achieve best possible efficiency and excellence in customer service.

Inform. Inspire. Innovate.

Our Vision

TMG is a recognized leader and provider of quality-driven, self-directed long-term care services.

TMG will demonstrate an absolute commitment to service excellence and quality outcomes.
TMG will lead by example – we will inspire our customers, employees and partners to develop creative programs that empower individuals to lead self-determined lives.

Our Values

Our core values are learning, inclusion, and empowerment, which serve to guide our activities every day with our customers, our colleagues, our stakeholders, and our partners.

LEARNING… Assuming responsibility for creating an environment that promotes the development and improvement of abilities.
INCLUSION… Showing consideration, understanding, and respect for all people and ideas.
EMPOWERMENT… Acknowledging and encouraging each person’s potential, contributions, and aspirations.