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  Consultant Name Theresa Huss
  Company Name TMG
  Phone Number 844-864-8987

Work History (starting with most recent)

Name of Agency Date of Employment Job Title
TMG 7/28/2010 IRIS Consultant

Care Responsibilities

Your TMG IRIS consultant is your partner as you create a plan that meets your needs and stays within your IRIS budget. Your TMG IRIS consultant can connect you to resources in your area, and will be a great source of information for any questions you have

Educational Background

Name of Institution Major/Degree Degree Obtained Date Obtained
University of Wisconsin - Madison Bachelor of Science - Psychology Yes 5/1/1998


Name of Certification / Accreditation Certifying Agency Date Certification was Obtained

Specialties (e.g., working with autism, the elderly, employment for people with disabilities or youth in transition, mental health, experience with assisted technology)

Before working with TMG, I was a Clinical Supervisor overseeing in home Applied Behavior Analysis programming. I have experience working with people who are elderly, physically, and developmentally disabled as well as children with Autism.

County/Region I'm familiar with

Ozaukee, Washington

Languages or Communication Skills


I'm comfortable with pets in the home


More about me

How do you Partner with people to 'clear the path ahead'?
My first goal when partnering with people is to get a feel for the person's interests, strengths, and goals. The next step is to help figure out the best way to use those strengths and interests to help the person identify small goals. Those small goals will lead to the big, long term goal. I love being able to collaborate with teams to think outside the box and find unique ways to help an individual reach their goals. No one's path should look the same as another's because no one person is the same as another. Team work, creativity, and commitment are what it takes to help a person clear obstacles and build on strengths in order to clear their path ahead.

What's your favorite thing about being an IRIS consultant?
I love seeing the growth in the people I partner with as they see their goals get reached. I am a firm believer that baby steps need to be celebrated and I love celebrating! It is amazing to see the transformation that can occur when someone is in high school. The person (and their family!) are often scared to graduate and scared of what is out there but a few years later they are excited by the progress they have made in their goals. I love being able to help make it possible for people to achieve their goals and so they can live a happy life. It is not my job to make the changes happen, but it is a great feeling to be a part of the support team that allows the changes to occur.

What past experience prepared you to become an IRIS Consultant?
I worked for Wisconsin Early Autism Project from 1995-2004. I started as a line therapist providing in home Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for children with Autism. By 2004, I was a Clinical Supervisor overseeing a team of senior therapists and line therapists. From 2004-2015, I provided ABA and daily living skills therapy for someone with Autism. While working in both of these roles, I learned to think outside the box to come up with creative solutions that were individualized to a person's needs. Not everyone needs the same solution, even if the problem looks the same on the surface. I also learned to work with school systems, as necessary, to come up with solutions. These roles taught me the value of being a team player and utilizing a variety of supports to help the people I worked with achieve small and large goals.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
My husband and 3 children take up most of my time. I enjoy watching my kids play in a variety of sports throughout the year. I am an active participant in both the Girl and Boy Scout programs with my kids. As a family, we enjoy hiking, geocaching, board games, and movie nights. I also enjoy scrapbooking, volunteering at school, and reading.

WI DHS/DLTC/F-01486 (04/2015)