Everyone deserves to find meaningful work. Having access to the right resources and training is an important part of finding a job that you enjoy. One of the biggest resources you have is your TMG IRIS Consultant. Even if you aren’t yet sure what type of job you want to do, but know that you want to work, talk to your IRIS Consultant. Together, the two of you can map out how to get started. TMG has gathered many resources, training programs, and tips to help you be your best in the workplace. You can access these great resources by clicking on the titles below. Good luck with your job search!

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  • Your Path to Employment: Are you interested in having a job? Then learn about all of the different partners who can help you find meaningful work!

  • Benefits of Working: There are lots of great things that can happen when you get a job in your community. Check out this worksheet to find out the different ways that working and having a job could benefit you!

  • Partner Links & Resources: Employment & Transition: There are many great organizations and resources around the state that can help you reach your employment goals and help you be an active part of your community. TMG has put together a list of the organizations we partner with so that these resources are in one convenient place. Visit our Partner Links & Resources page and click on the Employment & Transition section at the top of the page to learn more 

Tips for Equal Opportunity Employment

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