Hidden Employee Benefits Options

By: Angie Hefty, Compensation & Benefits Analyst


TMG offers a comprehensive benefit package to full-time employees. These benefits include health, dental, vision, life insurance, short-term and long-term disability insurance, as well as paid time off and retirement. Did you know that there are additional not-so-well known benefits that may be of value to you? These ‘hidden’ benefits include the Employee Assistance Program, Travel Assistance, Legal & Financial Services and Will preparation services.   These benefits may ease some of the stresses that life can throw at you.   Take advantage of these services that TMG offers to employees.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – This benefit is designed to assist with keeping your work and personal life in balance. Stressful situations can affect your health, well-being and ability to focus. The EAP is confidential and allows you to speak with a master’s level consultant. In addition, you have unlimited website access (www.lifebalance.net) where you can find additional resources to assist you in finding that life balance.


Travel Assistance Program – This benefit provides you with world-wide emergency travel assistance. While travelling for business or pleasure, one phone call can connect you to: multi-lingual, medically certified crisis management professionals, a state-of-the-art global response operations centers, and qualified medical providers around the world. This 24/7 program will assist with hospital admission assistance, prescription replacement assistance, emergency trauma counseling, and passport replacement assistance as well as other services.


Life Planning Financial & Legal Resources – This benefit provides you with resources for personal, financial and legal decisions that need to be made when a loved one is terminally ill or passes away. You will receive help dealing with the emotional challenges faced in these difficult situations to include: estate settlement, Social Security, cash flow, taxes and investment planning. These services may also help you develop a customized financial plan to preserve your quality of life, protect resources and build future security.


Will Preparation – This free benefit can help you create a basic will. Having a will helps make sure your assets are distributed – and your children taken care of – according to what you prefer. Will preparation services can assist with estate planning, advance directive or living will, power of attorney, and final arrangements memorandum.


Additional information on these benefits can be found on the ‘Benefits’ tab of the Human Resources SharePoint page.

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