Industry News: Howard Mandeville retires from Movin’ Out

By: Patti Becker, Community Network Specialist

Since 1992, Movin’ Out, Inc. has provided people with disabilities in all communities of Wisconson information and resources covering a wide range of housing options. Howard Mandeville has led the organization for the past nine years, increasing partnerships with Wisconsin communities to develop affordable, accessible, and integrated housing and national recognition for their work. In spring of 2014, Howard announced he would be leaving his role as Executive Director and moving toward retirement.

In August, Tim Radelet joined Movin’ Out as its new Executive Director. Tim comes to Movin’ Out following a distinguished career in real estate law, affordable housing finance, and work as the general counsel for Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA). The board president of Movin’ Out, Sinikka Santala, said, “Tim is a super star in affordable housing circles and Movin’ Out gains in stature by having him on our team.”

For more information about Movin’ Out and available resources, visit their website.

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