The TMG IRIS Consultant Agency: Local. Experienced. Resourceful.

As an IRIS Consultant Agency (ICA), TMG believes that anyone can self-direct their long-term care services with the right supports in place. We believe that each person has the right to full citizenship, a good job at a competitive wage, and close connections in the community in which they live.

Create a Home

Individuals reside in homes that enhance their autonomy, uphold their dignity and secure their well-being. These private homes are individualized to personal preference and ensure an individual’s on-going control of their own life.


Our Partners

All work is undertaken in partnership with one another and the relationships between people are critical to the success of the work.



Partners assist in the design and support of valued roles where an individual is a contributing member and a consistent part of the fabric of the community in which the person lives. This includes developing and maintaining meaningful relationships that stand the test of time.


Work with Purpose

People have the opportunity to earn private income, providing increased
freedom and independence.

Since 2008, we have ensured that people’s long-term care needs are met in the way they choose. This is done through creating partnerships with people in the IRIS program, listening and working together with them to create full, meaningful lives in their communities.

TMG is certified as an IRIS Consultant Agency by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS). Our employees are located in communities throughout the state of Wisconsin, and are available to:

  • Partner with people in IRIS to coordinate their long-term care needs
  • Assist people to create and review IRIS plans
  • Connect people in IRIS with resources in their communities

To learn more about your long-term care options, please contact your Aging and Disability Resource Center.