Let’s clear the path ahead.

With those 5 words, the new TMG brand is ready for its close-up – and ready for each of you to lend your unique truth and meaning to it.


Officially, “Let’s Clear the Path Ahead” is a slogan – a concise, memorable phrase meant to explain, in part, why we all get out of bed in the morning. But as we learned during the brand presentation at Development Days in June, the brand also represents the TMG promise.


It’s a promise that’s centered in TMG’s unique approach to fulfilling its mission. It is not what we do, but how we do it.


We do it by showing a genuine concern for the needs of our program participants and adopting them as our own; by creatively assembling advocates from a wealth of resources for the benefit of participants’ unique goals; by collaborating both internally and externally until the perfect solution has been identified; by being accessible and responsive with each other, our agency partners and the thousands of people we serve across Wisconsin.


That’s how we remove obstacles standing between program participants and their goals. That’s how we clear the path ahead.


(Click here to read more about TMG’s Top 10 Brand Attributes).


In the coming months, you will be hearing and seeing much more about the TMG brand and how it captures the true spirit of our work together. As you do, you will likely recognize your own words and thoughts. After all, it is a brand that has been largely defined with your thoughtful input and passionate ideas.


You’ll see it here on our new website, in our company newsletter, in trade show materials and printed collateral, on the new Intranet site, business cards, office signage, email signatures and much more. You’ll notice a new direction in the way we talk about TMG – one that centers on the human experience, the expertise of our staff and partners, and the ways in which we positively impact our neighbors’ lives and their communities.


Through frequent communication, we’ll suggest tangible ways that you can help solidify the TMG brand, differentiate it from new ICAs, and make it meaningful for everyone you encounter in your work. Please know that those communications are meant as dialogue, not monologue. We want you to interact, share examples of how you live the brand, ask questions, and participate in conversations. The Path Ahead will be paved by you.


We invite you to turn up your speakers and listen to the TMG Brand Story.  The story is meant to capture the emotional part of our relationships – the part that delivers on the promise every day, thanks to you.


As always, we welcome your feedback!

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