Livability Communities

By: Patti Becker, Community Network Specialist


A good community means different things to different people. Often we think of it as the physical neighborhood or city, but it can also be thought about as available services, support networks or people in a different region. This month we are sharing a fantastic new resource available from AARP’s National Policy and Research team. It’s called the Livability Index.   Anyone can enter in their home address or city name and instantly see the livability score of their community. It is also possible to customize the criteria to your individual preferences to get a personal livability score.


We invite you to try out the tool as it could prove useful in identifying opportunities for involvement and access for people partnering with TMG throughout Wisconsin.


Search the livability index here


AARP used their index to find the 30 most livable cities in the United States. It is exciting to see that Wisconsin had 5 cities that made the list. Milwaukee was 4th Most Livable for cities with 500,000 or more residents. Madison, WI was ranked Number 1 for medium populations cities (100,000-500,000) and LaCrosse, WI was Number 1 for small populated cities (25k-100k) with Fitchburg, WI ranking #2, Sun Prairie, WI #4, and West Bend, WI #10 for the small category.


You can find more rankings at


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