Happy Anniversary and Congratulations to all who have recently celebrated a milestone at TMG! The following people had their 1st or 5th Year TMG work anniversaries in the month of September.

1st Year
Brenda Skaar-Operations Administrative Assistant
Chrissy Hursh-ISSP Specialist
Kristin Niedziejko-IRIS Consultant
Ashley Waters-Quality Services Specialist
Natalie Stevens-Screening Specialist
Ivana Harris-Screening Specialist
Sharon Alden-IRIS Consultant
Sindee Granger-Screening Specialist
Rochelle Welzen-IRIS Consultant

5th Year
Ruth Macias-Vallejo-IRIS Consultant
Cindy Terrell-IRIS Consultant
Mary Cerretti-IRIS Consultant

TMG would also like to acknowledge and congratulate people on other milestones in their lives in the TMG Newsletter. Let us know if you would like us to include important dates such as:

  • Your engagement
  • Your marriage
  • Your milestone wedding anniversary
  • The birth of your child
  • Your graduation from a University
  • The purchase of your first house
  • Your hike up Mount Everest
  • Your 1st marathon completion
  • Anything else you should be commended for!

Please send any milestones with expressed consent that you would like to be featured in following editions of the TMG Newsletter here. Thank you in advance for allowing us to share in celebrating these milestones with you.

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