New Name and Buttons on the TMG Corporate Newsletter

By: Jen Sankbeil, Executive Services Manager


You may have noticed that your TMG corporate newsletter has a new name! TMG Pathways is a spot for employees to share news, stories and information with each other, creating pathways of connection between staff and locations throughout Wisconsin.


You will see this summer that TMG’s quarterly ICA newsletter – formerly known as IRIS Connections – is now The Path Ahead. These newsletter name changes show unity among our publications to illustrate our goal to Clear the Path Ahead.


You may have also noticed three new “buttons” on the right hand side of our corporate newsletter. Your feedback is important to us, so we are really hoping you’ll click on those buttons to share with us.




Shout-Out: Please click on this button and let your peers know about a colleague that’s doing a great job. We love hearing about the positive impact that TMG employees are making to Clear the Path Ahead.





Suggestion Box: Click here to share your ideas, events in your area, helpful books or resources (or books for “fun” reading!), etc. Know a great destination close to you that you think your colleagues should visit? Share it here!



Comings, Goings & Milestones: This button quickly takes you to the “Comings, Goings & Milestones” page where you can see:


  • New TMG Employees
  • TMG Employees transitioning to a new role
  • TMG Employees leaving the company
  • TMG Employees celebrating a milestone anniversary


Below these new buttons you will find easy access to our Brand Story and TMG’s Top 10 Core Brand Attributes.


We hope to hear from you soon!


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  • Patti Becker / June 30, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    These look great.


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