New TMG Request Forms System

In an effort to streamline processes, we have developed a new TMG Request Forms system utilizing the technology in SharePoint.  This new system will create efficiencies by allowing administrative assistants on the Executive Services Team (EST) to access event-related materials in order to better serve TMG employees, including: 

  • Overnight Accommodation Requests
  • TMG Event Requests
  • Avis Rental Requests (for Madison employees)
 TMG employees should utilize these forms starting on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 – this means you will no longer email individual members of the EST to request such things as overnight hotel rooms, meeting rooms and car rentals.  Email notifications and/or approvals will be generated via the SharePoint server and routed to appropriate staff based on workflows that have been set up within these request forms.
In addition, the following new TMG Learning & Development (L&D) Request Forms have been created:
Individual Development Requests: TMG employees should use this process when requesting attendance at external learning events.   The requested event should enhance their performance and/or career development at TMG. TMG will reimburse employees for external professional development opportunities approved by the organization (their supervisor, the budget manager and Learning & Development). Please refer to the Professional Development Request Policy, and read the request instructions carefully before making a request.
**All staff should discuss the request with their supervisor prior to making the request.
Requestor: all TMG employees. 
  • Group Professional Development Requests: TMG supervisors should use this process when requesting more than one employee attend the same external event (ex. Self-Determination Conference, ADRC Conference, etc.). Requestor: Madison Office-based Supervisors and Associate Directors of Area ICA Operations
  • Team Development Requests: TMG supervisors should use this process when requesting one of the following (requestor: TMG Supervisors):
    • Assistance from Learning and Development to coordinate and/or develop a functional area/area team training for a specific subject or process,
    • Assistance from Learning and Development with a team-building or team development activity, or
    • When coordinating a special training, outside of a normal team meeting, where staff’s attendance in the training should be recorded in the employee’s TMG Training History.
For more information, please review the attached overview that outlines the purpose of each form and when they should be used.  This grid and the request forms can be found on the TMG Request Forms page on the Executive Services SharePoint page (http://companyweb/es/SitePages/Home.aspx or  Thank you!

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