Northeast IRIS and Family Care Implementation Update

By: Shanna Jensen, Director of ICA Operations


We have received our first referrals from the Northeast Implementation counties! Oconto, Kewaunee, and Brown Counties have all begun providing enrollment counseling to people currently enrolled in the legacy waivers. The counties and tribes have staggered implementation dates throughout the second half of the year, with all transitions for people currently enrolled in a legacy program complete by December 31, 2015. The counties will also begin to offer enrollment counseling to people on their wait lists around these same time frames.


Implementation Timelines

County or Tribe Enrollment Counseling Begins Implementation Begins
Kewaunee February June
Oconto February June
Brown March July
Door April August
Shawano May September
Marinette June October
Menominee October November
Menominee Tribe TBD TBD
Oneida Tribe TBD TBD


Northeast Area Leadership

The Northeast is a dynamic area with its blend of existing and newly emerging IRIS counties. Ann Miller Holman – Northeast Area Associate Director of ICA Operations – has taken the lead for the TMG ICA on expansion related work. She has the tricky job of predicting needed staffing levels and locations for the area. She also works closely with the local Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) and County Human Services Departments to ensure that people have accurate information about what they can expect from the TMG IRIS Consultant Agency. Her focus is to facilitate a smooth transition for people moving from the legacy programs to IRIS. The relationships and presence she is developing in that area of the state make it much easier to problem solve and effectively communicate with local agencies.


With implementation comes a substantial amount of work, which led us to think about how to utilize our existing staff resources a little differently to meet the needs in that part of the state. Betsy Quaintance was willing to try something new, and recently accepted the position of Northeast Area Manager of ICA Operations. This unique role highlights Betsy’s skills as a leader in the Northeast. She works closely with Ann and the Northeast IC Supervisor teams to ensure that staff in the area are prepared to successfully partner with people who choose the TMG ICA. Together, Ann and Betsy are balancing the needs of an established group of people, stakeholders, and workforce with those of a new and growing area.


It’s exciting to have the opportunity to introduce a large group of people and providers to self-direction and the TMG ICA. Look for more news on Northeast Implementation in the next release of The Path Ahead.


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