Rules, Changes, Transitions: Things to Know About the Home and Community Based Waiver Settings (HCBS) Rule Requirements

By: Patti Becker, Community Network Specialist


The 2014 HCBS Rule Updates established specific qualities that service settings must have when providing services paid for with dollars from federal waivers like IRIS. Wisconsin, like other states, will be implementing their transition plan through 2019. At that time, the Federal Government could fine Wisconsin DHS if it is discovered that services are being provided in settings that are not in compliance with the updated rules.


The qualities indicated in the new rule are very similar to qualities of services people are already purchasing with their IRIS waiver dollars. They include providing opportunities for people to be active members of their community, supporting the desire for personal control, person centered supports, choice and access to things that people without disabilities have access to in their lives.


TMG has always promoted community based person centered approaches when partnering with people of all ages and abilities. The work we do will not change. However, federal rule changes can create uncertainty. As always, it is important for people to remain educated and aware of any changes impacting their supports. Knowledge and facts increase all of our abilities to be strong self-advocates.

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