Spring Into Fitness!

It’s that time of year again when the temperature begins to rise, the snow is melting, and the day light is getting longer. Spring is the perfect time to shed old habits that no longer work for you and begin healthy new ones. Changing old habits and developing new ones may seem overwhelming and cause anxiety, but it doesn’t have to. By implementing the following tips, you can ease into a new routine in no time at all.


Make the decision to change. This is the first step to a developing a new routine, and it is often the hardest. Recognizing your desire to change may help to ensure success on your journey of developing new healthy habits


The next step is to determine the best options for you. The good news is there are many choices available and you can select what you enjoy the most. If you select something that you do not like, you can try something else. The key is to keep trying until you find one that works for you.


  • Remember to set aside time each day or week by determining a schedule that is realistic. Start slowly and gradually build up. If you try to do too much too soon, you will only get frustrated.
  • Try exercising outside by hiking, walking or riding a bike. Add weight training to tone your muscles and prepare you for swim season. This can be done by carrying hand-weights while hiking or walking.
  • Partner with a friend. This makes you accountable and you are more likely to stick with your plan.
  • Planting a garden or doing spring-time yard work (i.e. raking, hand-push mowing, etc.) is a great way to incorporate exercise while completing projects from your ‘to-do’ list.
  • Sign up for a charity run/walk. This will provide a goal and motivate you to continue your healthy habits.
  • Make time to walk your dog or volunteer to walk the neighbor’s dog. If you already walk your dog, add one additional block to your walk.
  • Try outdoor tennis or golf or team up with friends for an afternoon of ultimate Frisbee. Join a kickball or softball league.
  • Try seasonal staples such as asparagus, spinach, strawberries and apricots. Grill lean cuts of meat or fish outdoors. Visit the local farmer’s market.
  • Clean out your closets and pantry. Throw out any items you haven’t used in the last year. This can not only help you clean your home of clutter, but your mind as well. Clean your kitchen by removing unhealthy foods. Get rid of musty winter smells by buying house plants and opening windows.Every Day


Reward yourself and your efforts. Schedule a professional massage, buy something new for yourself (running shoes, athletic apparel, etc.), plan a picnic or a trip to the zoo. However you decide to reward yourself is up to you. Just be sure to do something.


And the most important tip . . . is to HAVE FUN!


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