Timebanks Growing: An example of the impact of partnership

By: Patti Becker, Community Network Specialist


TimeBanks are a way for people to support each other through locally organized networks. They are based on the concept that every person can provide something of value to others. Instead of using money, people in these networks exchange TimeBank hours.


In 2012, TMG and other organizations partnered with a group of citizens in the Chippewa Valley who recognized the power that exchanging time can have on building community. Those committed individuals created the fruitful Chippewa Valley Time bank. During the past two years, people have exchanged more than 2,000 hours of time using the Chippewa Valley TimeBank.


Recently, an article appeared in the Eau Claire Leader Telegram featuring advocate Jason Endres, who uses IRIS, and the benefits the Chippewa Valley Timebank has had on him and his community. The article can be found by choosing this link: Chippewa Valley TimeBank in the news!


There are 12 active TimeBanks in Wisconsin spanning from Milwaukee to Ashland and Fond du Lac to Eau Claire. If you’d like to find one in your area at Timebanks.org.

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