TMG and Family Governance

By: Patti Becker, Community Network Specialist


Family Governance refers to strategies used by small group of like-minded families that join together to support their family members with a disability beyond forever. Families and their family member who uses support share similar hopes and goals for the best possible life. The family governance created entity is generally focused to improve the long term sustainability of a meaningful community life for their family member. The business structures of family governance organizations can be as unique as each family group. But the purpose of supports remain consistent:


• Create Relationships
• Coordinate Hiring and supervising of staff
• Manage daily connections with the community


The TMG ICA has been privileged to partner with a two groups of families in building the first Family Governed groups in Wisconsin. The work involves partnership with families, Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities, Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin Family Services and Wisconsibs (formerly Fox Valley Sibling Support Network).


TMG ICA continues to participate in Self-Determination Innovation Grant projects that result in the ongoing development and implementation of guides that assist individuals in maintain quality supports that meet their individual needs. This involvement led to a presentation at the 2014 Self-Determination Conference. Patti Becker, Community Network Specialist partnered with families from the Fox Valley Family Governed Project called Worry 2 Welcome (W2W). The vision of W2W is to change the way the world thinks about disabilities – starting with ourselves. The goal of this project is to help individuals with disabilities lead more self-directed lives. The group is committed to educating themselves, their circle of supports, and their community about the value of self-directed supports.


Pictured above is the full W2W group at a meeting in the Fox Valley.

Pictured above is the full W2W group at a meeting in the Fox Valley.


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