TMG Brand Leadership Team

By: Jen Sankbeil, Executive Services Manager


As part of TMG’s ongoing brand rollout, we will count on important insights from an internal “Brand Leadership Team” — or, BLT!


We asked a number of TMG leaders to help identify staff members who they felt would add a strong voice to the Brand Leadership Team and help champion the TMG brand. We expect this team to meet quarterly with our branding consultant, Scott Rippe of Rippe Keane Marketing. The team’s role is an advisory one that will help inform how a number of brand activities are conducted at TMG.


We are pleased to introduce you to TMG’s 2015 Brand Leadership Team:

  • Amy Maxfield
  • Byron Goltz
  • Chris Mayou
  • Beth Roettger
  • Jamie Riese
  • Jennifer Van Schyndel
  • Joyce Pierson
  • Kelli Hawkins
  • Mary Tree
  • Melissa Nelson
  • Rochelle Welzen


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