TMG Shout-Outs!


By: Jen Sankbeil, Executive Services Manager


In the last issue of TMG Pathways, we requested that you let us know about any of your co-workers who are going above and beyond. We were thrilled with how many responses we received – keep ‘em coming! Here are the Shout-Outs we received last month:


Barbara Betts, IRIS Consultant

Barbara was the only consultant to have a perfect record review for 2nd quarter, and, in fact, the only one so far this year – excellent work! Celia Westemeier, Quality Services Specialist


Bethina Allen, IRIS Consultant

I have been in my role as an Iris Consultant for one month and it is a lot to learn. Bethina Allen has helped me so much and I just can’t thank her enough. I call, email and shadow Bethina on visits and she has been really helpful. Bethina has responded to every question that I ask her. Bethina is a team player and it really shows by the way she treats new workers. LaRon Whiteside, IRIS Consultant


Kim Fasula, IC Supervisor

I’d like to give a shout out to Kim, who has been a steady, patient, knowledgeable, invested supervisor since I started last October. She’s diligent about making sure the information she’s sharing is the most up-to-date and accurate, she strives to assure everyone on her team feels supported and recognized for a job well-done. It doesn’t matter how busy she is, she always makes you feel like you matter, and that she wants to make sure you ‘get it’ before she moves on to the next thing. My experience so far at TMG has been awesome, and the team I get to work on is equally amazing! 🙂

Carolyn Larson, IRIS Consultant


Nan Carlsen, IC Supervisor

Nan provides as very relaxed, reassuring and comforting leadership style which makes those working on her Team to want to excel and do the best they can. Nan respects the individuality and strengths and weaknesses that those on her Team bring to the table. She encourages her Team members to collaborate with each other and learn not only from her, but also from each other. Nan is willing to admit when she does not know all the answers but will then roll up her sleeves to find the answer(s). It is a pleasure to work for, and with, Nan. I appreciate her style of leadership.

Lanny Quinn, IRIS Consultant


Erin Millard, SDPC RN

We were a great team in a particularly difficult situation involving Milwaukee Co. APS and requiring additional visits and reports. Her focus on the participant and her immediate safety and wellbeing was excellent. It was good to work with a strong partner. Ann Oven, IRIS Consultant








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