Top 10 Core Brand Attributes


TMG staff has a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the resources available at the local level and the key contacts within those resources.



TMG staff understands that close human relationships further the company’s mission and the goals of those we serve. We are not “all business.”



TMG staff values collaboration, both internally and externally, for the benefit of both government contract clients and program participants.



TMG staff understands that we do our best work when we adopt the goals of program participants as our own and relentlessly pursue solutions.



TMG staff understands its responsibility to all stakeholders and accepts individual accountability for performance, follow-through and compliance.



TMG staff is accessible to participants, colleagues and resources in a near-to-real-time manner, so communications and progress never slow.



TMG staff’s vast experience allows us to design unique and sometimes creative solutions and plan components.



TMG staff excels at listening and recognizing latent needs of program participants and colleagues. We respond to these as appropriate.



TMG staff is constantly learning and proactively applying new methods and solutions to existing relationships.



TMG staff is genuine and authentic in its desire to achieve the goals of those we serve. Care and compassion are attributes we freely express.

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