United Way Campaign

By: Jen Sankbeil

We had a very successful United Way campaign this year thanks to all of you that contributed your time, pledged to the campaign, or participated in one or more of our events!  We exceeded all of our goals for the year.  Overall, we raised $31,882 – that is $1,250 more than last year. Here is the breakdown.


Employee Pledges:  $17,907
Special Events:  $6,974
TMG Employer Match:  $7,000


Thank you for giving generously to help someone you will never meet.  Lives will be transformed because of your gift.


Plans will soon be underway to begin thinking about how we can transform more lives and invest in more communities across the state by increasing our TMG support and broadening our campaign across our entire workforce next year. Stay tuned…


In the meantime, please join us in sending a huge thank you to LeAnn Grinstead, Jamie Riese and Margo Simpson for another amazing campaign!

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