Shanna Jensen
As the President of TMG, Shanna Jensen provides effective and strategic leadership to achieve TMG’s operational goals and mission. Shanna joined TMG in 2000.

Gwendolyn Dunkin
Senior Director of ICA Operations
Gwendolyn Dunkin is the Director of IRIS Consultant Agency (ICA) and she provides leadership on day-to-day operations and promotes program quality and service excellence. Gwen joined TMG in 2013.

Maggie McGuire
Senior Director of Finance
Maggie McGuire provides oversight of all TMG finance operations and ensures financial strength. Maggie joined TMG in 2010.

Sue Urban, RN
Senior Director of Clinical Services
Sue Urban oversees TMG’s clinical team and provides leadership on day-to-day operations for the IRIS Self-Directed Personal Care (SDPC) Oversight Agency and nurse consultation services. Sue joined TMG in 2009.