IRIS Consultant Agency (ICA)

About the TMG IRIS Consultant Agency


IRIS stands for “Include, Respect, I Self-Direct” – Wisconsin's Self-Directed Support Program for older adults and adults with physical and developmental disabilities. In 2008, TMG became the first IRIS Consultant Agency in the state. We are proud to support thousands of people enrolled in the IRIS program in all 72 Wisconsin counties.

IRIS is a unique Wisconsin Medicaid waiver program. It builds upon the belief that people of all ages and abilities have the right to lead a meaningful life. If you enroll in the TMG IRIS Consultant Agency (ICA), we’ll be your partner in IRIS. You, of course, will still take the lead, and determine what your meaningful life looks like. This means deciding what things are important to you. Like choosing where you live. Working the type of job you want. Spending time with the people you choose. Deciding how you want to be involved in your community.

TMG recognizes that you have talents, skills, interests, and ideas that can make you feel accomplished and in control of your life. Through IRIS, and with the expert guidance of TMG partners statewide, you can customize a plan that meets your care needs and enhances those assets. IRIS can help you create the life you want with the support you need.

As an IRIS Consultant Agency (ICA), TMG believes that anyone can self-direct their long-term care services with the right supports in place. We believe that each person has the right to:

  • Full Citizenship
  • A Good Job at a Competitive Wage
  • Connections in Your Community
  • A Safe Home That Provides Independence

To learn more about eligibility and enrollment and your long-term care options, please contact your Aging and Disability Resource Center or ADRC.