Enrolling in IRIS

How do I enroll in the IRIS Program?

Everyone starts the enrollment process at their local Aging and Disability Resource Center or ADRC.  Click here to find your local Aging & Disability Resource Center.  They will help you: 

  • Determine your eligibility for long-term care programs
  • Learn about IRIS and other available programs and provider options
  • Refer you to the program and provider of your choice 

What happens after I choose TMG as my IRIS Consultant Agency?

If you choose TMG as your IRIS Consultant Agency, you can expect a welcome call within three business days. During that call or shortly after, you will have the opportunity to choose an IRIS Consultant. Your IRIS Consultant will set up a time to meet with you in your home where they can learn more about you, help you with IRIS paperwork, and start to talk about how you would like to plan for your support and services.

What does my TMG IRIS Consultant do?

TMG believes you should choose who you work with. At the beginning of the process, you will choose a TMG IRIS Consultant who lives in your area. Your dedicated consultant is available to partner with you to create a plan that meets your needs. The TMG IRIS Consultant will meet with you in your home a few times a year. They are always available to you by phone or email.

Because TMG IRIS your consultant lives nearby, he or she knows all about the resources and supports available in your community. Your consultant will teach you about the IRIS program and how it works. And together, you’ll build a plan that helps you achieve your unique goals.

We’ve developed the Understanding Your Partners in IRIS tool to help you get to know the partners you will meet.

Who provides my supports?

In a self-directed program like IRIS, you decide who will provide your supports and services, and when they happen. You can choose to hire your own workers or work with an agency that finds workers to help you. You may also use a combination of hiring your own workers and working with agencies in your area.

What can I use my IRIS budget for?

People in IRIS can choose services which help them meet their long-term care needs. The supports and services covered by your IRIS budget can help you reach your goals and maintain a safe, healthy life. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) created a list of allowable services through the IRIS program. You can find that list here. Your IRIS consultant can help you figure out if a service or support you are looking for is allowed.