Frequently Asked Questions


Am I required to participate in the IRIS Self-Directed Personal Care (IRIS SDPC) Program?

You are not required to choose the IRIS SDPC option. You continue to have the ability to receive your Medicaid Personal Care (MAPC) services through a MAPC Agency if that is your choice.

Can I be in both IRIS SDPC and Medicaid Provider Agency-based personal care at the same time?

No, you cannot participate in both IRIS SDPC and agency based MAPC at the same time but you may change between the two options if you desire.

Can I receive IRIS SDPC where I work?

Yes, you may receive your IRIS SDPC at your workplace or in other places in the community. IRIS SDPC is not restricted to your home.

Can I pay my spouse to provide my IRIS SDPC services?

Yes, you are able to hire your spouse if he or she is not your representative for IRIS SDPC.

Can I use an agency to hire my self-directed personal care workers?

No, personal care provided through an agency is available through your Wisconsin Medicaid ForwardHealth Card. Participants choosing to self-direct their personal care are required to directly employ their personal care workers.