SDPC Eligibility And Participation

IRIS Self-Directed Personal Care Eligibility

How do I know if I am eligible for SDPC?

If you require hands-on assistance with your activities of daily living due to limitations, you may be eligible to receive personal care services. If you are already receiving service through a MAPC Agency, you already qualify. Contact your IRIS Consultant for help in seeing if this program meets your needs.

What are the benefits of SDPC?

  • You will be able to hire, supervise and manage your personal care workers in the same ways you currently manage your IRIS supportive home care or respite workers.
  • You will have flexibility to coordinate personal care with supportive home care, transportation and other services.
  • You may use your IRIS SDPC in community settings outside the home.
  • You may hire family members, including a spouse, to provide personal care.

How do I get IRIS SDPC services?

Your IRIS Consultant can review personal care options with you and if you are eligible, will refer you for follow-up with an SDPC RN. Once the SDPC RN learns more about your needs and develops a plan, you can have SDPC hours added to your plan. People enrolled in any certified IRIS Consultant Agency can access Self Directed Personal Care.

To learn more about IRIS SDPC, visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website here.