TMG’s School to Community Transition Resource Page

A Path from School to Community Life

Planning for life after high school can seem overwhelming. The TMG IRIS Consultant Agency (ICA) partners with young adults to make the transition from school to working and living in the community a clear one.

How the TMG ICA Supports Transition

We start by listening to you as we begin our relationship. Starting at age 18, your TMG ICA IRIS Consultant will:

  • Encourage you to explore your dreams, gifts, skills, and talents to help you with your goals
  • Identify potential obstacles and design a plan to overcome them
  • Ensure you remain healthy and safe
  • Identify and expand your community connections
  • Explain resources and supports that may be available after high school
  • Create a strong working relationship with you, your transition team, and family through the last years of school
  • Create a path to success by coordinating the IRIS service plan with other transition plans

Be sure to check out our TMG IRIS Consultant Agency Introduction video available below in English, or follow the links to watch the video in SpanishRussian and Hmong.

To learn more about your long-term care options, please contact your Aging and Disability Resource Center.