Transition Resources

Transition Resources

Transitioning from school to your community – including living on your own and finding meaningful work – is an exciting new chapter in your life! Thankfully, you don’t have to go on this journey alone. Below are resources that can help you reach your goals and live the life that you choose. Click on the links below to find resources in the following categories:

I Want to Work
  • Your Path to Employment: Are you interested in having a job? Then learn about all of the different partners who can help you find meaningful work!

  • Benefits of Working: There are lots of great things that can happen when you get a job in your community. Check out this worksheet to find out the different ways that working and having a job could benefit you!

  • IRIS Employment Toolkit: The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has put together a toolkit for people enrolled in IRIS who are interested in working and would like to map out a plan to find employment. Learn the steps you need to take to find the job you want, including gaining employable skills, finding solutions to potential barriers to employment, how to get the support you need, and more.

  • Partner Links & Resources: Employment & Transition: There are many great organizations and resources around the state that can help you reach your employment goals and help you be an active part of your community. TMG has put together a list of the organizations we partner with so that these resources are in one convenient place. Visit our Partner Links & Resources page and click on the Employment & Transition section at the top of the page to learn more.
I Want to be a Part of My Community
  • My Community Map: Our communities offer many resources that bring us together and help us accomplish our goals. Use TMG’s “My Community Map” to list all of the people, places, and resources in your community that can help you with things such as transportation, community activities you enjoy, ways to find employment or have meaningful days, and much more. You can use this tool as a way to map out all the ways you can be a part of your community.

  • Community Living Toolkit: Choosing where we live is a big part of living a self-directed life. For those of you looking to move on your own or with friends or roommates, this workbook can help you figure out what you need to live more independently.

  • Who I Am in My Community: We all deserve to be a part of our communities and connect to others, and that starts with building quality, reliable relationships. This workbook can help you figure out how to strengthen your relationships with your friends, your family, and the people who support you so that you can get the support you need to live your best life.
I Want to Learn More About My Options for Decision Making
  • Wisconsin BPDD: Supported Decision-Making & Guardianship Alternatives: There are alternatives to guardianship. Supported decision-making empowers individuals with disabilities to make informed decisions about their life that protect their rights and ensure their safety and privacy. It involves family and friends working together to help them make complex decisions. Visit the link above to learn more!

  • What is Supported Decision-Making?: Have questions about supported decision-making? Check out this helpful publication from Wisconsin BPDD, GWAAR, Disability Rights Wisconsin, and The Arc Wisconsin to get answers to frequently asked questions, and find out if supported decision-making is right for you.

  • GWAAR: Guardianship Support Center: Get information and assistance on issues related to adult guardianship, protective placement, advance directives, and more from the Wisconsin Guardianship Support Center (GSC).
I Want to Strengthen My Self-Determination Skills
  • Family Voices of Wisconsin: Working with an IRIS Consultant: If you’re new to the IRIS program, you might be wondering the best ways to partner with your IRIS Consultant (IC). Family Voices of Wisconsin has put together a great document to help you understand what role your IC will play and how you can work together. TMG is proud to have provided financial support for this Family Voices of Wisconsin publication.

  • Living a Self-Directed Life: Discover the six central themes of living a self-directed life, and start thinking about how they play a role in the life you choose

  • Self-Determination Channel: Wisconsin BPDD has an awesome YouTube channel created by and for self-advocates. Meet people from across Wisconsin who share their stories and tips for living a self-determined life!